Dr. Dinesh is an excellent doctor and a great human being. He has treated my mother and helped her recover post her valve replacement surgery. He is one of the most sensitive doctors we have come across. His compassion towards his patients is reflected from his efforts in making them very comfortable. What's unique about him is that he comes across as a very approachable yet superbly professional doctor. We found him extremely caring and highly skilled. We are really grateful to him for treating my mother with such warmth and prudence.



Rarely do we get to meet a doctor with a temperament and competence like Dr Dinesh Chandra ! He can empathise with the patient and his relatives and understands the need to explain the disease and it’s implications very patiently ! Not only he has is extremely helpful , he is someone we can approach any time 24/7 ! (Never misses to reply to our messages ) We need more of his breed in the medical franenity !

Mr. Kanoria


I interacted with Dr. Dinesh Chandra for the very first time, by sending a random Whatsapp message to him around 2.30 A.M. (post-midnight) in Jan 2018. I was seeking his assistance for a friend who was to be operated for a dissection of the aorta the next day. Little had I expected that he would reply fifteen minutes later, stating that he was going to be part of the operating team.... wow !! This was a huge coincidence, but perhaps fate had destined that we should meet in this manner. I could interact with him on quite a few occasions during the next 10-12 days and found him to be extremely professional, cooperative, competent, knowledgeable and calm even under the stressful situation, which is a lovely quality for any person, especially a surgeon conducting such critical operations. I wish him all success.

Sandeep Agrawal